Therapy Treatments 2017

Pre-booking of treatments is advised as these do get booked up. Treatments can be booked and paid for at the time of booking your ticket.  Any remaining spaces will be bookable and payable on the day.  

Each therapist will kindly be donating a minimum of 50% from each treatment to The Hope Foundation.                                                                    

Reflexology with Liat D'Elia £25 for 30 minutes
Sabine Dahn and Melanie Pilbeam £25 for 30 minute Weleda facials or  £20 for a 30 minute hand and arm massage
Myofascial release back, neck & shoulder massage by Nicola Reed £60 for 1 hour - FULLY BOOKED 
Reflexology by Dawn Bailey £25 for 30 minutes
Thai Yoga Massage by Lore Ridings £40 for 45 minutes 
Henna body art by Love Henna £5-10 depending on design (bookable on day only)
Chi healing by Sallyanne Wilson £25 for 30 minutes (100% donated to HOPE)
Indian Head Massage with Elaine Roberts  £25 for 30 minutes
Deep Tissue/MFR/Sports/Swedish/Hot Stone Massage with Lee Mukabaa £50 for 1 hour 

RESILO Body Stress Test with Margaret Studwick

Sound healing with Coral Chambers

£15 for 20 minutes

 £25 for 30 minutes (100% of proceeds being donated to The Hope Foundation)

Reflexology with Liat D’Elia

Reflexology is a truly relaxing foot treatment that stimulates the body’s own healing process and helps the body return to a state of balance and well being. The application of pressure to these points on the feet helps to stimulate and balance the body organs and energy flow around the body. The effects of this are truly amazing, Reflexology can have many physical and emotional benefits. It can relieve organ, gland and hormone disorders, stress and pain. As all touch is applied through the feet, this is an excellent non-invasive gentle natural therapy to help the client release and re-balance.

Experienced reflexology practitioner Liat D’Elia runs the NMF CLINIC, specialist in women’s hormonal health in restoring and maintaining hormonal balance throughout her clients’ lives: menstrual cycles, fertility & conception, assisted conception, maternity care & post natal care, pre-menopause & menopause and general wellbeing.

Liat believes that true natural therapy treats the body on all levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Treating the body as a whole is key to alleviating any particular symptom .

£25 for 30 minutes or £40 for 1 hour

Myofascial release back, neck & shoulder massage by Nicola Reed FULLY BOOKED 

Nicola Reed  is a skilled Remedial, Sports & Pregnancy Massage therapist with over 20 years experience. She is fully qualified to treat muscular injury & pain, benefiting everyone from professional athletes to office workers including mothers to be.

Her unique blend of deep soothing touch mixed with myofascial release techniques leaves the body feeling relaxed with more movement and flexibility.

Her 60 minute back, neck and shoulder massage works through the back releasing thoracic lumbar fascia, shoulder blades and rest of the back before she works to open up through your chest, down the arms and then up into the neck. A deeply effective treatment for anyone suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain.

Nicola only uses natural waxes for this treatment.

£60 for 1 hour


Reflexology by Dawn Bailey

Dawn is a very experienced therapist and body-worker. She offers an intuitive, professional and caring approach to treatments.

Reflexology is a specialised form of massage to the feet. The feet are a map of the body and any imbalances are expressed there.

The benefits if Reflexology are many and it is wonderful to experience; it can stimulate circulation, increase energy, be deeply relaxing, re-balance emotionally, physically and mentally; specific  physical or emotional concerns can be addressed.

Please see for more information.

£25 for 30 minutes



Thai yoga Massage by Lore Ridings

Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic treatment that can help induce deep relaxation, increase flexibility, and relieve aches, pains and stiffness.  It works by manipulating the energy (prana) through the body and is wonderful for rebalancing the body's natural flow of energy to stimulate its natural healing processes.   The massage is performed fully clothed on a soft mat on the floor in a meditative flow that induces deep relaxation during the treatment.

Fascia is the tough connective tissue that runs continuous throughout the body and holds the whole physical structure together.  Postural imbalances, accidents, emotional trauma or repetitive strain injuries can cause fascia to become restricted, creating radiating pain points (Trigger Points).  Fascial restrictions can in turn create further postural imbalances and physical trauma.  Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy are directed at releasing such fascial restrictions to relieve pain, help re-align the body and restore function.

Lore's yoga skills, based on different styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Sivananda, Satyananda, Integral Yoga, Yin Yoga and Viniyoga, give her a deep understanding of the yogic elements of Thai Yoga Massage.  Lore holds the Yoga Biomedical Trust Yoga Therapy Diploma (NHS registered) and qualified as a Thai Yoga Massage therapist with the Sussex Than Massage School.  Lore is currently studying with the Jing Institute for the Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release.

£40 for 45 minutes


Chi Healing with Sallyanne Wilson

Sallyanne is a very experienced therapist and healer. She offers CHI HEALING which is a mix of Reiki, Five Element and Theta healing.

Sallyanne’s sessions differ from person to person.  Concentration may be on balancing one chakra or all the chakras, whilst other times it involves clearing energy blocks within the meridians.  Sallyanne works intuitively to give an individual and deeply calming, relaxing, safe session.

For more information on Sallyanne’s treatments please see her website

£25 for 30 minutes.  Sallyanne will kindly be donating 100% of her takings to The Hope Foundation. 


Henna body art by Ami Patel of Love Henna

Love Henna is an environmentally conscious creative space, which brings together a love for art and rich cross-cultural and spiritual influences.

Henna artist, Ami Patel offers a dedicated henna body art service.  Sacred body art has been practised for centuries as part of many culrural traditions.  Nowadays, this beautiful art is appreciated at any time as natural body adornment.  Love Henna uses only natural henna to create beautiful temporary tattoos.

Prices range from £5-20 depending on design.  Bookable on the day only.   


Weleda Facials and Hand and Arm Massages with Melanie Pilbeam and Sabine Dahn

Melanie is a holistic therapist with many strings to her bow, including Aromatherapy massage, and Sabine is a yoga therapist. They are both passionate about healthy living and work as Weleda Wellbeing Advisors spreading their knowledge about the 100% natural and chemical free medicines and skincare products carefully crafted by the Weleda pharmacy. 

Weleda works with Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical principles which promote living in harmony with nature and harnessing the healing properties of plants and minerals for the benefit of our health. Whilst enjoying these benefits for yourself you are also contributing to a part of our planet being cultivated biodynamically, people earning fair money and animals not suffering any cruelty.

The Facials include an individually tailored skincare consultation and products used will be carefully chosen to suit your individual skincare needs. Follow up care is included!

We use our hands and arms all the time and are often unaware how much tension we hold here. The massages are designed to relieve this tension and thereby induce overall relaxation. You will be able to choose one of our sumptuous body oils that appeals to you and is suitable for your skincare needs. Be prepared to be spoilt!

Individually tailored facials with 100% natural Weleda products: £25 for 30 minutes 

Hand and Arm Massage with 100 % natural Weleda products £20 for 30 minutes. 


Indian Head Massage with Elaine Roberts

After having completing an intense course in Indian Head Massage as originally taught the Narendra Mehta, I was awarded a diploma by him. My treatment incorporates massage of arms upper back, neck, head, face, ears and chakra balancing to finish to ease tension and promote inner well being.  I have been practising IHM for 3 years.

£25 for 30 minutes. 


Deep Tissue/MFR/Sports/Swedish/Hot Stone Massage with Lee Mukabaa

Lee is very experienced yoga and massage practitioner. She offers Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Swedish Massae and Hot Stone Massage. 
She has a wide selection of tools which are used to provide a bespoke massage, tailored to the individual's needs.


£50 for 1 hour 





RESILO Body Stress Test with Margaret Studwick £15 for 20 minutes


RESILO is a modern natural holistic therapy that works through addressing what causes pain - the physical stress and strain locked in the body tissues.  This treatment releases shut down areas that over-protect and cause uneven wear and tear, and so reduce the body's aliveness.  The wavelike motion that is applied stimulates the Resilo Reflex. During many treatments it was discovered, by the late Keith Slocombe, Consultant Physiotherapist, that injured body cells shut down proportional to the degree of impact.  This shut down changes the cells normal operation, becoming unseen and unfelt, causing malfunction; only functioning again if they resile in returning to their original sate.

RESILO works on the function of the muscle, making it similar, but not the same as, massage that works on the structure of the muscle.  This treatment can use very light grades of palpation through to deeper grades as required depending on the damage, and release sensitivity.

Treatments are given with gentle hands-on work.  The motion administered is the important thing not the touch of the skin, the wearing of loose clothing fully covering the body is ideal for the delivery of this treatment.


The Body Stress Test

In this 20 minutes you will experience where the body is holding incorrectly and how RESILO techniques returns motion to the area.  A taster to the full treatment of which changes your body's condition and is amazing.  We will work on legs, pelvis, shoulders, arms and neck.  Please wear full length loose fitting clothes.


Margaret is a Level 2 qualified RESILO Practitioner, her clients have said:

“Wowww! That was fabulous thank you Margaret, it is so interesting how there is very little pressure, yet the sensitive areas allow themselves to be healed.” 

 “The treatment was so relaxing and I can feel more movement in my body already, having been in lots of pain the last 3 months I feel parts of my body re-connecting with each other. The pressure was just right.  Thank you very much Margaret.”



Sound healing with Coral Chambers £25 for 30 minutes (100% of proceeds being donated to The Hope Foundation)

Coral is a sound healing therapist’ and a member of the Sound Healing College.  She has many years of healing experience and was overjoyed at recently discovering sound healing, which combines her love of all things music with the practice of healing. Sound has the ability to affect our entire being, we have all experienced the evocation of memories and feelings when we hear certain songs. Sound therapy combines modern science with ancient traditions to rebalance and restore general wellbeing. 

Coral works with many instruments including, gongs, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and the human voice, to balance and tune the body’s natural vibrations, both physical and spiritual. Coral will be offering 1 to 1 gong taster sessions, using a variety of gongs including a beautiful Paiste, 34inc Symphonic gong, that has pleasant harmonising qualities with deep rich tones to help listeners towards, restoring, connecting, and finding inner peace.




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